30 Day Blog Challenge

In a land of busy bodies and self absorbed yahoo's, Tim King stands above the rest with a call to arms of those who have an itchy trigger finger and shoot like crazy. Am I talking about the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms?

No I am not.

Im also not talking about having actual grizzly bear arms sewn to your body to garner attention from you favorite nightclub or Catalina Wine Mixer. Im talking about taking pics and posting them for the enjoyment of your peers and well wishers; and what I think Tim is doing is telling me nicely to get off of my ass nd build my own brand, and he's right and it's just in time! Ryan Loco has told me this, too. And I've even agreed. Now its time to get it on.

Why is it so difficult to do a blog a few times a week? In reality, its not hard. Technically I've done all the grunt work so I just need to spend some additional time to show it off. My admission is that I get distracted easily by shiny objects and it's tricky to finish this blog, to drive this point home i'll not even finish this sentence with the correct punctuation~

Here's how I'll start this off - Ill post a few pictures from my travels today and give you a glimpse into my 30th birthday party held in Las Vegas with some of my nearest and dearest. On top of that, I extend this challenge to any and all of you reading this - and this means you RYAN LOCO. Let's go H.A.M.

When Justin kicks, he kicks high and hard. And it makes him tired and drunk. Look at the evidence in exhibit A and B, below.

Exhibit A, ref 1.

Exhibit B, ref 1.