510 First Ave - The Batcave

So as of late I've become quite motivated to get more blogs up on the site. I can't say that I've been too busy, but I've definitely been too lazy. I have to thank Tim King and Ryan Loco for the motivation. All I need to do is keep it consistent. Let's see if I can do it. Ready.... set.... I need to grab a water. I'll be riiiight back.

I felt compelled to do a quick shoot around the house and its been over a year since i've been here, so needless to say I'm way behind. This is my favorite place that I've lived so far, the only downside is the deafening trains that announce themselves with a loud and usually prolonged blast of air. Check out the place where I eat, edit and sleep.

And if you ever make it here - make sure that you check in to "THE BATCAVE" on facebook.

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