A Gentlemanly 30th - Day 2 of blog challenge

It is with great regret that I am writing you to make a statement about my decrepit age. Yes, the rumors are true. I have turned 30. 30 years old and on that very day I found 3 grey hairs on the crest of the wave hairstyle that I style every morning. (I had to abandon the spikey/flowhawk/up look after about 12 years of similar hairstyles, but thats a different story altogether. I spent the week shooting and doing fun things with buddies and my family and got to see my awesome brother, Jack. The next day I headed out to Joshua Tree National Park with Jeff Stevens and had a blast, then went directly to LA for a few days and found myself up in Las Vegas for my actual birthday celebrations. Here are a few non party pics that should get the ol juices flowing.