All Suited Up in Loco Vegas | UFC 108

UFC108LasVegasTItle I'll make this as quick and as dirty as I can.

Going big in 20 OH Ten -A last minute trip to Vegas for UFC 108 right after a semi adult celebration of New Years Eve in San Diego. We skipped town late and managed to not hit any traffic, however loco did mangle his quad winning the kick flip contest we held in Brastow.

After about 5 "Swingers" references, singing Stu's: What do Tiger's dream of from "The Hangover" and asking far too many times if "does this hotel has a pay phone bank.... my beeper not getting a signal in here" we arrived in Vegas.

We visited our friends Chari and Lindsey early in the evening, delivering an NYE care package of Us Weekly's, Cosmo's, redbulls and a Snuggie. Thoughtful, i know.

Al Powers invited us to come hang out at Lavo, where he was doing some featured photography for the Tapout Party. Once in Lavo, Loco recognized Gary and we hung there for a while meeting Anna and Pamela.... and some guys name Kenny Florian and Keith Jardin. Wrapped up the night with a little 4AM sushi (not a pun) with Tracy Lee and called it a night.

We got up early the next day, on a serious mission to find loco a white bowtie. No freaking clip on's here. We hunted the deepest recesses of Vegas and wound up at the MeadowWoods Mall. There was also a supposed Tapout fan signing, but the guy at Spencer's was adamant that we were getting "Punk'd".

The Tapout girls Anna and Pamela were found wandering around the mall, confused as we were about the case of the missing autograph session. We responded with browsing No Fear. Pamela found a tee shirt from an MMA company that had her posing on the front of it - I had to buy it and get it signed. Ryan was star stuck, but managed to play it cool.

Im tired of typing so I'll let you see the pics. But the rest of the trip ripped by in a blur. We got all suited and booted, looking like bosses and hit our ringside seats at UFC 108 at MGM. It was an amazing time for me considering that was my second UFC ever. What made it more special was the fact that we were rocking our tailored suits, so I think everyone just thought we were official.  Shit, we are official.

Stay tuned for New Years Eve select pics from San Diego.

Love you.

Leaving San Diego....

Burger Bar


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