Cain Velasquez | Harley Davidson covershoot

  A quick note - it only took 3 minutes and 36 seconds for Cain to beat one of the most respected and feared heavyweights in the world to earn his title shot with Junior DosSantos.


Back in February I produced a cover photoshoot with Cain Velasquez in concert with Harley Davidson for UFC 360 Magazine. I reached out to The Wade Brothers and dialed in a location shoot in San Jose, California - about an hour out of San Francisco. After conferring with Randy and Seth and getting the green light, we pulled the trigger on the theme.

The concept for the shoot was simple - a man and his Harley. Life on the road and in the saddle. Channeling some 'Easy Rider' was all the inspiration we needed.

Cain Velasquez UFC 360

Making of UFC 360 cover with Cain Velasquez

I flew out there a few days early to meet up with Lyndon to scout the location for the shoot - not far from American Kickboxing Academy, the home base for many upper echelon fighters, we found the perfect places for rolling shots on a long stretch of road, some twisties, a rest area and an old bridge.

I got in touch with Harley and had 2 different bikes delivered from a nearby dealer - and stored them at AKA until out shoot. Knowing i'd have to ride one or both bikes to the location meant I had to grab a helmet and gloves at a nearby motorcycle shop. What I didn't expect was a 30 minute ride with the UFC heavyweight champion the very next day. A very surreal experience. I never get star struck while working with the athlete's but I certainly won't soon forget riding side by side with Cain Velasquez down a long stretch of road as the sun was setting over the hills .

When i'm not the primary photographer on a shoot, I always shoot behind the scenes photos of what's going on in hopes of adding to my personal portfolio, but also to contribute to the magazine's digital version. Check out one of my favorite shots form the day as well as some images that earned Cain his 2nd title shot and a few leading up to it with the trouncing of 'Bigfoot' Silva.


Cain-Velasquez-Image-May-copy copy


I shot cageside at both UFC 146 and UFC 155. At UFC 146 Velasquez fought and beat Bigfoot Silva. And at UFC 155, Velasquez went 5 rounds with JDS and earned a unanimous decision to take back his championship as the heavyweight champion of the world.

UFC 146



Bigfoot vs Velasquez-12

Bigfoot vs Velasquez-11

UFC 155

Cain Vs JDS II

And last but certainly not least - the UFC Ultimate Insider piece shot by the crew from Positive Image.