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Toronto And Montreal

Checked out Toronto and Montreal a month ago and had a blast. As you can see, I'm a big fan of public transportation and subways. Montreal has edged out every other city i've been to so far, except Lucerne, Switzerland; that place still takes the cake. Fun facts about Montreal....

In the 50's, Bill 101 was passed that decreed that all businesses and schools use French as their primary language.

Montreal is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world.

The Expo 67, held in 1967 brought new architecture to Old Montreal but also inspired the name for the city's baseball team, The "Expos".

Here's how I saw it.


Danegerous In LA | Sunset, Hollywood and Griffith Observatory

Comp LA Shots-23-23

After a great shoot with Mark "fightshark" Miller, Loco and I met up with a friend in Silverlake (right off of Sunset Blvd) who has an amazing house overlooking the reservoir, and is close to the everything in LA, but far enough by car when you factor in the traffic.

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves. We had an AMAZING time with our buddy and had a chance to appreciate a new perspective.

Check out more pics here on my flickr page:


Comp LA Shots-3-3

Comp LA Shots-4-4

Comp LA Shots-7-7

Comp LA Shots-8-8

Comp LA Shots-9-9

Comp LA Shots-10-10

Comp LA Shots-11-11

Comp LA Shots-26-26

Comp LA Shots-13-13

Comp LA Shots-25-25

Comp LA Shots-27-27

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DangerousInLA - regs-44

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