Chris Maguire - Mug5 - 3rd Day of Blog Challenge

Earlier this year I made a new friend. On the set of a production MMA show in Las Vegas, we become buddies and I snapped these photo of a guy with great confident style and great energy with the capacity to create sick music and art. Later I learned that Mug5 was born and raised in Wales and made his own music and followed his dreams to the US. We've become good buddies since, had a pint or 2 and have put together the most lethal secret handshake known to man. Honestly... in Denver a full grown German Shepard started attacking people after it witnessed our 12 move handslap and in Rio a team of practicing Carnival members bust into song and dance at the sight of it on the beach of Ipanema.

Sample his sounds:

Chris MUG5 Maguire - Best of 2010 Portfolio by helloiamchris

Here is Mug5 at a glance: