En Noir & New York Fashion Week - darkness from the inside

Working with Jason Wolter and Rob Garcia from En Noir was a sincerely awesome opportunity. Allowing me unrestricted access to their entire line,  casting/fitting and fashion show for 2014 New York Fashion Week was something I had been trying to arrange since their debut at last years fashion week where they made a significant impact as a small clothing line. Contrast that with their show this year - You'll find the brand has not only grown into their style but have stepped into the big leagues in presentation and execution. I had a vision to capture their process and show from top to bottom with an emphasis on shooting the working cast from En Noir. 

The Goal: To offer a candid and real perspective from a widely popular and respected new clothing line that no one except those on the inside would see. 

I was just another face in the sea of people coming and going during the hustle and bustle of an electric week filled with almost no sleep. I focused a Leica M240 equipped with a 50mm Noctilux f.95 and a NIkon D3s (and the occasional Contax G2) on the entire process.

From meetings at Snarkitecture in Brookyln to fittings in Midtown to the big show on Park Avenue at The Armory - I never stopped looking and shooting and I'm very happy with the final result.

You'll find the result of my shooting below.