James law Best of 2011

 1. Alistair Overeem channels his concentration as he makes his first appearance in the octagon. He is captured in almost no available light. ISO 6400 at 1/30 at f2.8  2. Anderson Silva delivers the now infamous footercut to Vitor Belfort. This image helped generate awareness for my passion for sports photography, but a lot of this shot is based on a combination of preparedness, anticipation and most of all - a lot of luck. Almost every photographer from the octagonside location got the shot in various states of kicked face glory, but my shot ended up being used by media, advertisements, video games and Getty Images.

 3. The beach in Rio on Ipanema stretching towards Sugarloaf mountain.

 4. Pete Ulatan gets the GQ treatment wearing his Nakama Brand line. San Diego, CA.

 5. Lindsey gets a long overdue studio session.

6. Having Shinya Aoki, world class jujitsu and MMA star in the studio was a complete honor and a very last minute agreement. Just hours before his fight in Strikeforce - Ryo Chonan arranged for Aoki and his entourage for a photoshoot. Ryan Loco and I put together an auction for the Tsunami victims of Japan in concert with Jaco Clothing, the accompanying photo and a signed Jaco Clothing Hat. We successfully contributed to the Tsunami Relief effort for 580$ USD.

7. Jason Palomar arrived at the photo studio a muscled and trained member of San Diego State University's Army ROTC program - This session commemorates his commissioning into the United States Army and his evolution into an individual who found his strength and honor during his 4 year transformation into a 2nd Lieutenant.

 8. Jack Law stands proudly for a portrait to commemorate his commissioning into the United States Army. He worked very hard to score in the top 10% percentile of the total ROTC cadates in North America and earned a prestigious spot in the Aviation branch. Jack officially started his aviation training today in Alabama.

 9. Ryan Loco is photographed for the Deft Perception's 'Friends and Foes' collection of 2011. Batteries not included; eye patch, moustache, nixon watch and faux cigarette sold separately.

 10. Images from a performance in San Diego. No flash.

11. Look for Kendra in the Feburary issue of Fight! magazine!

12. Chloe and I used the stairwell for this shoot and some of the best shots happened when she was transitioning between poses.

13. Boom, headshot. Christina helps me capture one of my favorite standard headshots of the year.

 14. Lindsey does her version of an American Apparel ad. Nailed it.

 15. Jacklyn chills out on Level 4. We found out that we take great photos together on this day.

16. Jacklyn pulled out the boyfriend varsity sweater for this shoot. Shot with natural light in the hallway and post processing done with an experimental black and white procedure.

 17. The rolling rocks of Joshua Tree, California.

 18. TJ Lavin is back on his bike after a near fatal accident one year from the time this photo was taken. He was bed ridden and in a severe coma and has since made a near 100% recovery. Image shot for Headrush/Monster Energy in April.

 19. Chuck Liddell squares off with a very serious splitting image of himself. This kid had it nailed - down to the replica head tattoo and unflinching staredown.

 19. Jon Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight champion shadowboxes before his match. PS - He won.

 20. Kenny Florian fights a losing battle with Jose Aldo. Pressure against the cage contributed to his demise that day. 21. Jorge Santiago practices before his fight.

  22. Anderson Silva recovers between rounds. I was very happy with this shot mostly due to the textures on his forehead and face, and the way his body is positioned. I shot this in black and white and just added a touch on contrast.

23. Rashad Evans drills in a famous boxing gym in Philly. I don't usually pull out the flash for work out shots, but in this case I tethered it and extended the strobe as far as I could to the left. One of my all time favorite shots of Rashad - Second to everything Ryan Loco has been doing with Authentic Sports Management in Florida.

 24. Alistair Overeem hits pads. It was his first time wearing UFC gloves. Big, big gloves. He tried the first XL pair on and casually threw them aside. 'Too Small' were the first words I heard him utter.

Alistair... everything is too small for you.

 25. Cheick Kongo makes an unscheduled appearance at workouts. I used a 50mm G lens at f1.6. It was also the time that I made the conscious realization that I had an affinity for low angle, action shots.

 26. Nick Diaz punched his way across a two-tone backdrop. He can do this all day. *Insert your 'don't be scared, homie' line here*

27. Nothing to see here. Just two of the most majestic, mythical creatures in the cosmos. Joe Benavidez and Chris Mug5.

28. Kenny MF Powers, the dog. For what he lacks in size, he makes up for in panache. Dare I label it pomp and circumstance?

 29. Chris Mug5 sips on the of the most delectable beverages I've ever encountered. A coconut and it's water. Everyone raves about the Acai, but im more into the chilled coconuts.

30. TJ Lavin featured in the December issue of Fight! Magazine.

31. Steve Aoki gets the crowd psyched up.  Later, Steve inflated a huge rubber raft (on his own) sent it into the crowd and rode around while his music melted revelers faces off.

 33. Mark Munoz poses for a portrait in what has become my favorite photo session of the year. Ryan Loco was there shooting and offered invaluable advice and direction throughout. I would't be the photographer I am without Ryan. 34. Mark Munoz - Black and White on black and white.

 35. Glances of Mark Munoz. What he's say here is, 'Whoa man, that water is really cold.' Love that last frame.

 36. Travis Browne looks down from above. I think he was hissing during this shot.

 38. Justin had beer goggles on ALL night. It was only fitting that we took the liberty of affixing some real beer goggles while he was passed out. The first thing he did when he awoke from his slumber was: 'I'm wearing beer goggles, aren't I'

 39. Tim Kings stands on the edge of infinity in St. John, US Virgin Islands.

 40. Quinton Rampage Jackson.

41. Lindsey kicks it in Palm Springs.

 42. Best Halloween costume. More on Faux News, at 11.

 43. In the famous words of Mims: Move if you wanna/if you wanna/if you wanna/if you wanna

 44. Hyena surprises and impresses. Bravo.

45. Chuck Liddell announces his retirement and moves into his new role of Business Development Manager of the UFC.

 46. Brooklyn Bridge.

 47. carli and guille in trunk bay.

48. Lady Liberty meets Lady Luck.