KillSpencer - Spencer Nikosey

Finally. I've been talking about going up to LA to hang out with Spencer after seeing his awesome craftsmanship and attention to detail with his work, it's really unparalleled and he really brings a creative edge to an age old tradition. Its something that I have admired for quite sometime and finally got a chance to get together at one of his speaking engagements during 'Behind the Hustle' at the Herman Miller Showroom. It's exciting to see someone who was pursing their dream in a different field but in a similar way (to my approach). I am a firm believer that working on projects with brands you love, and people you admire can take you to heights that you've only dreamt about - I think the trick is to hold true to those values and to maintain a pure and honorable vision.  If you fake it - you'll just be spinning your wheels.

We got some lunch, hung out, shot the shit and talked about some dope upcoming projects. Much more to come from this guy and you might even see some collabs with me in there as well!  As a parting gift, I gave him one of my only Pharrell film prints that I shot with Daniel Arsham a few months ago in NYC. 

Be sure to check out his awesome work and enjoy the portrait I shot of him with my Leica M9 Hermes.