LMFAO - Steve AOKI - Mickey Avalon - MIMS - B.O.B

I never pass on an opportunity to shoot something big. Over the years I've amassed a pretty good collection of performance shots by some big name DJ's and artists. I'm lucky that i've popped these hot shots and I consider myself even luckier that I've gotten away with my hearing. Its quite an experience to get to hang out with LMFAO or run into Mickey Avalon backstage getting ready for their performance. One of my favorite times happened about 3 years ago before LMFAO got really popular; they were having a show at the Ivy and they just strolled into the lobby and Redfoo had a brand new DSLR camera strapped to his hard. He was in the photozone and when he noticed my big ol' rig, he came over and we chatted a bit on some acceptable indoor camera setting and he was on his way. I got a little shout out that night inbetween songs and then I got drenched in champagne - One of the three times I've lost my flash to a shower.