Metamoris for all

  Kron Gracie prepares to be introduced with the rest of the athletes at Metamoris II.

Shinya Aoki on the Metamoris logo backstage.

In a whirlwind of work and a twist of fate - I was called upon by the Gracie's to shoot the press/promotional studio portraits for the athlete's at The W in Westwood for Metamoris II - arguably the biggest submission only BJJ invitational in the world. It was a lot to get together in a short period of time, but pulled through with the help of Eric Coleman and a slick 4 light set up, we pulled off some pretty great shots. I probably didn't hurt that we used the Hassleblad H4D for the shoot.

These fighter portrait shoots aren't really too hard to shoot however, there is an element of pressure because the atlhletes on this go around didn't expect to be photographed, and they really just wanted to get the photos out of the way and get on with their day. The highlight was shooting Shinya Aoki, William Burkhardt of BJJPix, Rob Zeps, Ralek Gracie and E. Coleman. Here's a quick edit of Rob:

Rob Zeps

The next day, Scott Hirano, Eric Coleman and William Burkhardt comprised of the 'All Access' team designated to shoot the event. We ended up getting some great shots backstage and of the event by taking advantage of this access. The guys got some sick shots - here's a look at what I got. (but before the gallery - my favorite shot - Shinya Aoki leaving the backstage area)

Aoki Walkout

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