Mug5 - remastered and revisited

The facts: On the set of a production MMA show in Las Vegas, we become buddies and I snapped these photo of a guy with great confident style and great energy with the capacity to create sick music and art. Later I learned that Mug5 was born and raised in Wales and made his own music and followed his dreams to the US. We've become good buddies since, had a pint or 2 and have put together the most lethal secret handshake known to man. Honestly... in Denver a full grown German Shepard started attacking people after it witnessed our 12 move handslap and in Rio a team of practicing Carnival members bust into song and dance at the sight of it on the beach of Ipanema.

He's since parted ways and always hustlin' and defining his own path, but I reckon it won't be long till I see ol' Mug5 again.

You're dope.... *click*