My pivotal shoot


I did a shoot with Mark "Fightshark" Miller accompanied by Ryan Loco a few years ago, that at the time started out as an idea for Loco and I to have some fun and hang out with a cool dude on a Sunday afternoon. Little did I know that this would actually be a shoot that would influence the direction of my future in many ways. Mark was an interesting subject because he is a dedicated fighter who was making his come back after a career as a kickboxer. His comeback came in the form of overcoming/surviving open heart surgery with dreams of fighting in the UFC and to competitively kickbox again. This was a big step up from shooting local guys at my gym and somewhat of a challenge.

Up to this point, I had shot a lot of fighters from my local gym and training facilites all over the city, but nothing as big as driving up to LA for a dedicated shoot.

I have always been a big fan of MMA and the UFC, including its supporting martial arts like Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai; I can't wrestle to save my life so I stuck to the things that I was sort of good at. I did BJJ at Roy Harris academy for about 2 years until I found my love for muay thai and I've been practicing ever since, as much as I could. I've had 2 muay thai smokers and would love to start training hard again.... I've been bitten by the bug again and I've got Ryan Loco to thank. He's in my ear every other day making me jealous as we discuss his training sessions with he and Tyrone Spong's striking coach Henri Hooft.

After the shoot with Mark, I got on the hustle and started shooting more and more fighters and it wasn't long after that I got my chance to shoot a Strikeforce and UFC event - something that i had always dreamt of doing, but never thought it would happen. I consider myself lucky - and crazy enough to make it work.

As a bonus - here is the video from my first fight. G'head laugh it up! Thats why Im behind the camera and not in front of it!