New pics & fresh Edit

Going through my archives and prepping for my new photo portfolios means I'm going through every folder and sub folder looking for images that I can include into my new body of work. Everyday Loco and I bounce ideas off of each other, keeping things fresh and generally pushing to do new things. 2 days ago I asked Loco to guest edit some images that I came across. Here's the result - a slight change of pace and a look at how his style looks with my images. Number one was Chuck Liddell looking down, between takes when I shot him for his signature line with Headrush Clothing. I always liked this shot, and Im pumped I got a chance to come across it. Shot in LA in an alley.

Number two is a shot of Junior Dos Santos that I shot in Brazil for UFC Magazine- after a 2 hour training session, he sits exhausted, near a mirror sporting the boxing gym's name overtop. Salvador, Bahia Brazil.

Number three is a shot of a rad photographer named Embry Rucker. Cool dude, cool look and I think he loves to mountain bike. That's cool, too. I shot this during his photoshoot of Dan Henderson in Temecula, CA.

Chuck Liddell between takes.

Junior Dos Santos after a grueling 2 hour workout.

Dan Hendersons photoshoot, I take a portrait of a photographer.