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Stingaree Night Club in San Diego | Encore Entertainment

[gallery] I've been working with the promoter Encore Entertainment since their inception and have really grown to enjoy working with Daniel Krieg and the crew. We started as a small promotion company and have grown into one of the most recognized nightlife companies in San Diego, and have expanded our reach into Los Angeles and Miami.

11.13.2009; Friday was another typical night for us. Prepping for the shoot is not too difficult... making sure my batteries are charged and stuffing several hundred encore cards into my back pocket is pretty much it. Parking in downtown is the biggest hassle, but there are a few tricks of the trade. Park It On Market is always the best bet, and for 7 bucks, you really can't beat it. Often times the parking lot will be at capacity, but by parking your car at the gate on 6th Ave in front of the closed gate will always prompt the attendant to let you pass.

Getting in is usually not a hassle, just showing up at the front door and saying hi to the VIP hosts will do the trick. Introducing your self and telling them you're shooting the event with the promoter shows them you're legit.

Snapped off 120 photos and several Jägerbombs later and I'm done. Back home, at the Batcave ready for hang upside down and get ready for another day.

James Law