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Photography Highlights: James Law | Fight Culture and Product Shots

About me - briefly. I started photography 3 years ago with the development of the San Diego nightlife promotion company Encore Entertainment. As our company grew I branched out into the MMA world and began photographing fights and events for various publications in San Diego, CA. Much of my personal shooting involved snapping photos of friends in various capacities. Some of my most exciting and appealing shots have come from the people I love doing what they love. For example - my brother Jack is an Apprentice Falconer and trains and hunts with a Red Tail Hawk. I was able to photograph every milestone in the training process, from their first day together, to his first hunt and flight to his release in Carmel Valley near the 56 Freeway in San Diego.

Jack releases his Red Tail Hawk 2009 from James Law on Vimeo.

Recently, Encore Entertaiment has seen a surge in popularity and will be taking an active role in becoming the face of Napkin Nights San Diego along with other industry partners. As that area of photography has grown, I have focused my efforts into building my own personal brand of photography to include fight photography, product photography, engagement shoots, lifestyle photography, candid photography and others including a range of experimental photography. In this capacity, I have made a name for myself as the resident photographer for the MMA Division at Fit Athletic, a boutique gym in Downtown San Diego. Additionally, I am working as a photographer for IA-MMA, a local San Diego based MMA promotion with exposure and connection with the CW television syndication in local cable.

I have experience in product photography/clothing photography and have worked with Do Or Die Clothing, specializing in the Brazilian Ju Jitsu market and demographic with high quality gi's and apparel. Other recent clients include Dress Elea, a women's boutique clothing line and an iPhone accessory line at AccessoriesforiPhones.

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Dress Elea:

Dress Elea Promo

Do Or Die Promo Shots:

Mark Doze - Do Or Die

Fit Athletic, Bad Boy with Fabricio Morongo Camoes of the UFC:

Portrait of Morongo

Fit Shoot for Mike Altman and Bad Boy:

Portrait of Altman - KJ Noons early trainer

iPhone Product Shoot for Website:

AccessoriesforiPhone Promo

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