PreFight Day | Heavy at UFC 130

This week I was in Las Vegas for UFC 130 with Heavy.com. Heavy MMA has created a hit program for the prefight time slot with their perspective on of the fights and proceedings called 'Fight Day' hosted by Dave Farra and Megan Olivi. I'm proud to be apart of their team - we've come a long way! Take a look into what goes on before the polished program that you see minutes before the fights get underway.


Best of 2010 - MMA Culture Photos

This post was originally featured for Deftperception.com This year started with shooting local fights for fun to shooting cageside at the Ultimate Fighting Championships for Heavy MMA along side Esther Lin and Tracy Lee. These 2 have been shooting for a long time and have helped my growth enormously; going from looking at their pictures behind my desk to actually being there is quite a trip. My personal highlights include shooting my first UFC cageside and working with All Elbows for the KJ Noons Strikeforce promotion alongside E. Casey Leydon. I've always loved their work and being included on one of their projects was a true honor. Working along side Loco throughout this time has been one of the best experiences of my life.

We spent the beginning of the year photographing fighters from K1, including Mark "fightshark" Miller, Strikeforce fighter Conor Huen and WEC's Dominick Cruz. At the time, Dominick was preparing to battle Brian Bowles for the title. I also was able to shoot and work with Fabricio "Morongo" Camoes, who tapped me out for photos, which was a first.

I shot some various cage setup's with Vanguard MMA's Eric Lee. He builds and fabricates some of the best custom cages in the business including RVCA, Blackhouse, The Noguera Brothers Gym, Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center and others.

Enjoy the photos!

Photos by James Law

Dominick Cruz

Jason Mayhem Miller

KJ Noons

Conor Heun

Mark "Fightshark" Miller

Mark Doze


Steamy Bro

Eric Lee of Vanguard MMA

Alex Soto of Undisputed Gym in San Diego

Ryan Loco

Bruce Buffer Poker Room Opening - Coming up Loco, in spades

IMG_1901 I almost named this blog, "I get my kick on Route 66", but that wouldn't make any sense. Other than the fact that I'm doing a very sweet karate kick in mid air.

Its been quite a while since I've done a blog post and I want to keep my ravenous 40 visitors per day in the loop. And to you, I vow a posting at LEAST once per week. I owe it to you. Hell, I owe it to myself.

Let's get in gear.

Location: Las Vegas.

Duration: Seven days.

While in Las Vegas for UFC 116 with the Heavy.com crew, we had a break in the action to attend the Bruce Buffer Poker room opening at the MGM. The folks at MGM put together an amazing room for the well known UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer. What he is also known for is being a winning poker player, so much so that he has been invited to various high level poker tournaments and done quite well. Poker News arranged our media coverage and our day began.

A fair warning: I've never played a single hand of Poker, and I was knocked out quickly - I didn't find that to be a big surprise, but what I did find to be amusing (much later) was that I took it very personally when I was bluffed and raised by some other player, only to find out that his cards were worse than mine.Upon the turning of the cards, I actually learned something - NEVER act like you don't know what you're doing. Sure, you have to stay humble, but by all means, don't "show your cards" before their turned over.

So as I got knocked out, Ryan Loco advanced... all the way to the final table. And knocked out Bruce Buffer himself.... and then went on to beat a semi professional poker player for the victory, or what ever its called when one wins a poker tournament.










I want to post all my UFC and Strikeforce pics from the last 3 weeks, but I need to clear it first.

Until then... It's good to be back in the saddle.

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