Ryan Loco and I have seen a lot together. We've had the pleasure of traveling this fine country, and taking some cool footage of amazing places and amazing events. To say we've become de-sensitized to taking cool shots would be the wrong word and an insult to the fantastic things and people we get to experience every day. If anything, it means that when we do get excited, we're a part of something wonderful. Such was the case this past week, when Ryo Chonan told us that we could do a shoot with Shinya Aoki. Watch this to familiarize yourself with him.

Enjoy James Law's look at Shinya Aoki and Ryo Chonan.

And also, we will be auctioning off a signed Jaco Clothing 1 of 1 Japan hat, with all proceeds going towards the relief effort in Japan.


Best of 2010 - MMA Culture Photos

This post was originally featured for This year started with shooting local fights for fun to shooting cageside at the Ultimate Fighting Championships for Heavy MMA along side Esther Lin and Tracy Lee. These 2 have been shooting for a long time and have helped my growth enormously; going from looking at their pictures behind my desk to actually being there is quite a trip. My personal highlights include shooting my first UFC cageside and working with All Elbows for the KJ Noons Strikeforce promotion alongside E. Casey Leydon. I've always loved their work and being included on one of their projects was a true honor. Working along side Loco throughout this time has been one of the best experiences of my life.

We spent the beginning of the year photographing fighters from K1, including Mark "fightshark" Miller, Strikeforce fighter Conor Huen and WEC's Dominick Cruz. At the time, Dominick was preparing to battle Brian Bowles for the title. I also was able to shoot and work with Fabricio "Morongo" Camoes, who tapped me out for photos, which was a first.

I shot some various cage setup's with Vanguard MMA's Eric Lee. He builds and fabricates some of the best custom cages in the business including RVCA, Blackhouse, The Noguera Brothers Gym, Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center and others.

Enjoy the photos!

Photos by James Law

Dominick Cruz

Jason Mayhem Miller

KJ Noons

Conor Heun

Mark "Fightshark" Miller

Mark Doze


Steamy Bro

Eric Lee of Vanguard MMA

Alex Soto of Undisputed Gym in San Diego

Ryan Loco

Strikeforce Trip | Fedor Vs. Rogers | with Loco, Doze and Mayhem

StrikeforceOctforWeb-81 So I'm on Twitter. And Facebook. And Linked In. And Yes, I have more forms of social media than you average high schooler teeny bopper and I love it. I wake up in the morning and see what everyone is up to in the world. I usually start with facebook to see if my roommate has made any really silly updates, and then scan to see if Doze has transcribed some sage-like yet phonically cryptic and syntactically odd statement. I'll also look for Loco's updates; he makes some funny observations, and he beats me in Jeopardy, so that makes him insanely intelligent.

I'm still hunting for that feeling that I got when I first logged on. People talk about crackberry and how they're always on it. Well now that there's apps for twitter for the blackberry, I'm wondering how much more time people spend on those things. I know I can't stay off my iPhone for more than 5 mintues at a time. How are we supposed to get any work done?

But I like to save the best for last....

Twitter. Yes, it's addictive. I know this. I don't tweet like crazy, but I do read it like crazy.

I follow Dana WhiteSpencer Pratt, Dana White, Mayhem, Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer), Deepak Choprah, Mental Floss (great fun facts), Loco, Doze, Jaco Clothing, Triumph United, a few photogs that I admire and Rev Run. I wont mention the porn stars that I follow for giggles. It's just one anyway, so who am I hurting... really? Point is, recently I've been looking forward to the collection of these people because their messages are surprisingly VERY positive and inspiring. For example, Cesar Millan will talk about positive energy and calm nature when dealing with you pet.... If you think about it, his suggestions would work with human interaction and probably help keep my blood pressure down. Mayhem has been asking his thousands of followers to write down their 2010 goals and Rev Run has been my personal filing station for motivation by posting at least 6 messages per day, here's just one from Rev Run:

Unload all unnecessary foolish baggag NOW! Free urself! Be happy! Breathe again! ahhhh feels good!

Now, on to my  quick photo update description: StrikeforceOctforWeb-165

Back in October, I was invited to Mayhem's Strikeforce debut against Jake Shields in Chicago. Yes! The Windy City. I've seen enough TV shows about that city on Nat Geo and the Travel Channel to know exactly where I want to go. Getting to do all of them will be the challenge - that's how it goes when you travel with buddies. Flew from San Diego to Chicago, walked around the city and had a blast. Met up with Tracy Lee and Dan Henderson and saw a glimpse of Babalu at a club that night. From the pictures you'll see that we hung with Mayhem pre and post fight and and a generally great time. We had a mustache party in a hotel restaurant and stayed up way too late, to the point where if my step dad saw this, he'd whoop me good - he'd whoop me anyway, but you get the idea.


Doze Chillen

Loc Diesel StrikeforceOctforWeb-14


Prefight Strikeforce

Ms. SStrikeforceOctforWeb-7



Ryan's: Parsons and Loco


Casey interviewing King Mo



I'll be heading to UFC 108 with Loco this weekend in Vegas, so keep an eye out.

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