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Dom DomingoEdited-14 Back in October, I got to attend my first UFC, I went up to the Staples Center in LA with Loco and Doze early because Loco was scheduled to do TapOut Radio Live, on location. While snapping a few shots and talking with Paul Thatcher from Fight Magazine and Tracy Lee from Combat Lifestyle, I heard a familiar jingle in the background. I thought, "how cool that they're playing my girlfirend's cousins band" on the speakers.

Dom DomingoEdited-12

Jen's cousin Dominique Domingo was in a very popular Euro pop band for a while and recently started a band stateside called The Beach Girl5 - they getting pretty big and have a strong following. I promised these photos to Dom months ago, so I figured I'd send them and show a little love on the new website by doing a blog and featuring their group.

So back to my story... I hear their music on the speakers and kind of start to get an eerie Deja Vu feeling. The sound quality was pretty outstanding and I turned my attention over to the TAPOUT stage they set up for the worlds biggest Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance. There was Dom and her band The Beach Girl5.

There I was, surrounded by wild teenagers with surprisingly strong strength elbowing me and pushing me around. Unabashed, I did my best to get her attention with the "Look over here" look on my face. Reflecting, I looked ridiculous. No doubt about it.

The last time I saw her perform was at House of Blues in San Diego a year and a half ago. They kicked it and were going by a different name.

So I snapped a few pics and they did a quick set and it was over. I went over to congratulate her, gave her a hug and was on my way.

Check out The Beach Girl5

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