The Golden Palm - Making a movie poster

As you've seen - I've been away from this blog for over a year. The good news is, Im back. The bad news is, Ive got a lot of stuff to put up and picking out what I want to put on this rolling blog is going to be based on what I come across on my hard drives while i'm finishing my new, revamped, retooled website. The point of the site is to wow you with my new work, travels and pics... let's see if I can deliver. A few months ago I was asked to be the subject for a movie poster. The film, The Golden Palm by Justin Owensby is only part finished but we had a deadline with the production of the physical media, and had to get it shot. We worked with Matt Lingo, who shot some awesome photos while Jeff Stevens did the retouching. I'm proud, and my friends are very talented.

Here's a quick snap from the day - of Justin on the bike we used for one of the looks.

Bonus: A version of one of the final images we shot, featuring yours truly.