The Lost Ninja Party Pics

This last year of my life was the absolute best year that I've had on this rock we call earth. My friends have been amazing and supportive and so many things have fallen into place - I truly feel so blessed. I've been fortunate enough to travel all of the country to shoot fights for the UFC and I've started working with Headrush Brand clothing, a major MMA based fashion line. I've been shooting more paid gigs and working on more Deft Perception projects like the Pro Wrestling event featured 3 weeks ago on the site. Its been really awesome and there is no sign of letting up. This month I'll be gearing up to shoot a wedding in the Caribbean and UFC 13o in Las Vegas towards the end of the month. The day job that I'm working hard at is going quite well and all of my clients are very happy. It can be hard to balance it all out at times, but I'm doing it, and having a beautiful time. By shooting with I've invariably generated more attention to myself as a sports and event photographer and I've been taking a hard look at how I've branded myself - and what I've come up with is kind of funny.... I've just been being myself and it's been working, but it's high time to STEP IT UP!

I did a photoshoot with Chaz Cruz yesterday where I was the subject. It was a total trip because i'm hardly ever in front of the lens but in the name of getting to be shot by one of the guys who helped me get started in this photography game I felt compelled. Those pics will be coming later this week.

In the end of 2010 I turned 29 years old. Yes... I am an old man and I like to go to sleep at 10:00PM, and I walk around the house and I grumble at inanimate objects from time to time, and to top it off, I have started to get pretty grumpy if I don't have a midafternoon snack. Next year is the big 30, and I have to take myself a little bit more seriously. WIth that thought as my theme I hosted my first ever Ninja Party and I invited 16 of my closest friends to share in the fun. Pete Ulatan from Nakama Brand shot the original hotshots, but here is the last set of lost images from that fateful day. ENJOY!