The main image on my site // backstory

 I produced a photoshoot with the esteemed Michael Muller, Arto Saari and Leland for a big feature and got to shoot quite a few frames with him. This shot in particular is from a look that we did up on the roof of Blackhouse Gym in Los Angeles. I knew that the best look would be for him to just climb the ladder, just wasn't sure if the way up or way down was best. In this shot, Lyoto is coming down and i'm really only concerned with him not falling. Ended up getting a few shots that I really liked.

The lovely Kenda Perez is the second part of the image, and I feel like she really makes this shot.

On location in Malibu, CA for a covershoot, Kenda selflessly offered he comfort to the ocean and we got some cool shots for the trouble. On the same day I got some fun shots with my Contax T3 (found here).

And viola - I present the photo that I'll be sending Mr. Ryan Loco to adorn his new crib, and the photo I'll use to attempt to entice people to delve further into my work.



Lyoto and Kenda - Beauty and the Dragon.