Tim Lincecum

My phone rang one morning and on the other end of the line was my buddy Pete Ulatan. The man who brought you the images to the most excellent ninja party that I had last year to celebrate my 29th birthday. Pete was doing a shoot and needed some direction with shooting for a timepiece line called Meister. They had the one and only TIm Lincecum, star pitches for the San Francisco Giants on their roster of celebrity personalities and he was going to be doing photos for the company. The shoot went very smoothly and Pete killed it. I was able to shoot as well and got some hot shots of Tim showing off these cool timepieces.

This shoot is a direct contrast to the Mike Tyson shoot in several ways; for one, the shoot and the opportunity showed me that I just need to stay consistent with my shooting, with a commitment to staying busy, delivering great photos, developing new goals and keeping it positive. I'llĀ endeavorĀ  to work hard and trust myself and continue to enjoy moments like this - great things will come and I know I can handle the hard stuff.

Thanks Timmy and thanks Pete!