Tom Ford Tie

I've always wanted to get my hands on a Tom Ford suit. They are built so well, so much attention to detail and usually just the right amount of slightly exaggerated features makes for a really striking suit. I recently purchased a Hugo Boss Red Label suit for my brothers wedding and events and while it was my second choice, it was much more affordable than the "sale" price of Tom Ford fineries at TF Las Vegas. I'm a big fan of details - it can make a photo, a conversation, a story and an experience and putting together the right amount of thoughtful and orchestrated details can really make a subtle statement. Like the days of old when, in the 1940's and 1950's that was the only way to dress and the only way to be, considering nothing was really mass produced the way it is since the boom of economy, textiles and trade in the modern era.

Take a peek at my newest addition to my details. It's a good day!