Triumph United | Wanderlei Trip Early 2009

leaving  - which one- Earlier this year I went on an adventure with my friend Ryan Loco and Hans Molencamp. At the time, Loco worked with Hans at Triumph United and I was doing my sales thing. Loco is always going on an adventure here or there, and we always talked about doing a photoblog of the travels - this was my chance to ride with the boys and have a little fun.

Tiki and his threats


We outta here: Leaving Oceanside


Our plan was to drive out to Vegas in the wee hours of the morning and meet up with Wanderlei Silva and his manager. I had over 18 days of vacation time saved up and taking a day was no problem, but I wasn't used to it becuse in 2 years, I hadn't taken even 1 personal day off... pretty stupid, but I'm a sales guy and I was somewhat new to the company. I digress; I drove up to Encinitas to swoop up Loco and went on to the T*U offices in Oceanside to meet with Hans and get it underway.


The trip was awesome. Hans made fun of my music selection, shooting style and descprition and I think Loco caught the first itreration of the H1N1 Virus. He was really struggling on the way home, but thats what 24 hours in Las Vegas will do to you. Big thanks to Chari for putting us up at her place, and Wanderlei for being one of the nicest brazilian dudes i've ever met.

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Oh yeah, thanks Loc and Hans.