Vanguard MMA | 2AM

A good friend of mine Eric Lee is the creator of an awesome MMA lifestyle line called Vanguard MMA. Eric has developed a set of unique styles for his brand that he is launching with the redesign of his new site, Vanguard is well known in the MMA industry for the production and development of the best custom MMA cages, pad design and layout and total gym buildout. Vanguard is responsible for the build of the RVCA gym in Costa Mesa, Rampage's gym in Lake Forest and the Nogiera brothers gym in San Diego, among others. His work is amazing.

On a very inspired note, he will also be launching the 2AM brand geared towards the nightlife and music genre - this is his newest and biggest project and should make a big impact. It'll will be launching soon - so until then... here is a quick preview.