Wanderlei Silva Photoshoot | Assisting Eric Williams for Xyience

Last week was a great mix of shoots and assists. Tuesday was a very long and demanding day as I played assistant to Eric Williams - one of my favorite photographers in the game right now. Later in the day I helped Tim with his shoot at a cool club in San Diego called Fluxx.

Shooting Wanderlei is a great experience and something I've only done once before. I worked with him and Triumph United in 2008 when T*U unleashed their superlative training gear into the world. Wand ended up using T*U's headgear, gloves, bags for his gym and his personal training equipment. Eric called me at 6AM after I mentioned that I was around and was waiting for a time that we could shoot together, mostly so I could hang out and glean as much information as I could from him - the call came fast and I was up in Huntington Beach at Kings MMA a few hours later. Eric was shooting for the supplement company, Xyience.

We began the shoot by setting up in the back of the training facility with some of the equipment resting indoors while the beauty dish and the photogs hung out in the sun. I must say, I got a really killer t-shirt tan complete with v-neck stamp on my chest. The set up was simple, as Eric described it, but looking at the way they configured and tested the lighting, it was anything but simple. I learned so much that day - im tempted to call it a masterclass, but im no master...

So we shall call it:

'Challenge Shooting 101'

A big thanks to Eric Williams, Black and Hackett Photo for all the wisdom and patience. I learned so much.

Here are the images for the day. High five.